I help couples create financial intimacy
and build generational wealth.

Just imagine how it would feel if you could:

  • Stop dreading the money talk and feel happy to talk about money with your partner
  • End money conflict so that you and your partner can start to reach your financial goals
  • Get to the root of your financial struggles by implementing strategies that work in both your favor
  • Quit hiding money from your partner and learn how to be transparent about money
  • Release the resentment you have towards your partner about money and start building true financial intimacy
  • Build a healthy relationship with money so that you no longer have to worry about the stability of your financial future
  • Finally, let go of your negative feelings about money and feel more empowered

If any of the items on this list resonate with you, then keep reading…

What is financial intimacy?

Financial intimacy is built between couples when there is trust, honesty and transparency regarding any past, present, or future financial matters. This type of intimacy ensures that you and your partner or on the same page with money. With that said, it doesn’t mean that couples have to agree on every single thing. However, it does mean that both partners are able to use certain tools to help communicate in such a way that common ground can be reached as it relates to their finances. 

If you and/or your partner frequently encounter any of the following, you may be struggling with a lack of financial intimacy:

  • Unable to comfortably discuss your thoughts and feelings about money
  • Incorporate unhealthy financial behaviors that do not work for you and/or your partner
  • Have no shared financial goals and no financial boundaries
  • Feel helpless and overwhelmed when it comes to creating a realistic spending plan
  • Unable to rebuild your finances after experiencing a significant loss
  • Find it difficult to forgive each other for past or current financial mistakes
  • Make large purchases without being transparent with each other
  • Have no support or accountability as it relates to the finances

Here are 3 ways I can help…

Enthusiast ​

This option is for couples who desire private coaching . Over a 3 month period, couples will learn simple, yet effective tools and resources that will improve finances, strengthen financial intimacy and put couples on a path to building generational wealth.  Click below to learn more about what this program offers.


This option is for couples who just need a quick reset in their finances. Included in this package is a one-time private coaching session designed to provide couples with practical solutions to rejuvenate their level of financial intimacy. Click below to learn more about what this program offers.


This option is for couples who prefer to take a more independent approach to deepen their level of financial intimacy. Click below to learn more about what this program offers. 


“My wife and I want to thank you for helping us to set a budget and stick to it. The budget worked so well that we were able to buy our first home! Thank you so much!”



“Before working with Danielle, we were avoidant about managing and understanding our household finances, mostly out of fear. Our circumstances are unique, and at times we felt that it would be impossible to find someone to truly dissect the situation and work with us to build back up. Upon consulting with Danielle, we felt completely reassured by her calm demeanor and depth of knowledge, that she would be able to help us. Since working with her, we have gained the courage to face our challenges and have found creative systems and structures to implement that are changing our financial health and lives for the better.”



“Danielle will help you set and maintain a strong foundation for your marriage and your finances! We have learned so much and she is relatable because she has been where many of her clients are when they come to her. We often end up extending our session time because we could talk personal finances all day.”


Consulting Services

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Let's Go On A Journey...

Hi! I’m Danielle – an Accredited Financial Counselor ® and Founder of Money in Matrimony, an online community dedicated to teaching couples how to get on the same page with money. Through financial education and counseling, I guide couples on a journey to create true financial intimacy and build generational wealth. 

Interested in More Family Finance Resources?

Davis Money Management Solutions, has evolved from it’s sister company, Money in Matrimony. However, part of the company’s offerings include a host of blog resources designed to teach couples how to get on the same page with money. By utilizing simple, but effective techniques provided on the site, couples are able to build a solid financial foundation together. 

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