5 Essential Money Talks for Engaged Couples

Planning your wedding, selecting the perfect honeymoon destination, and envisioning your life together is thrilling. Yet, amid all the excitement, have you and your beloved taken a moment for candid, heartfelt discussions about your financial future? Surprisingly, many couples bypass these essential money talks, as revealed by a SunTrust survey, where 7% of respondents admitted to never discussing finances with their partners. Money-related issues consistently rank among the leading causes of divorce, making it paramount to initiate these conversations without delay. The good news is, it’s never too late to start. To guide you toward a financially sound future, let’s explore the five pivotal financial conversations that every couple should embark upon before they tie the knot.

5 Essential Money Talks to Have for Engaged Couples

Why Prioritizing Financial Conversations is Crucial for Couples

In the realm of relationship discussions, personal finances form the cornerstone that should be meticulously addressed long before the wedding day approaches. The importance of these dialogues cannot be overstated, especially considering that financial conflicts consistently rank among the top reasons for divorce. It’s somewhat perplexing that, despite money’s pervasive influence in our lives, couples frequently sidestep discussions about financial matters. However, ensuring a prosperous and harmonious union, particularly concerning finances, necessitates embracing and implementing these practices well in advance.

Navigating the 5 Vital Financial Conversations Before Marriage

Before you embark on these five pivotal financial discussions with your partner, remember that these talks don’t need to be rushed. Instead, take your time to gain a profound understanding of your partner’s financial perspective. Be receptive to any additional topics that may emerge during these conversations, and utilize these questions as a roadmap to guide you through the rest of the discussion.

Understanding Money Mindsets

The first of these five crucial financial conversations centers on understanding each other’s approach to money. Begin by exploring your financial experiences, from childhood to adulthood. This conversation aims to shed light on the role money played in your family dynamics and how it has shaped your personal financial beliefs and perspectives.

Exploring Money Personalities

After delving into your money mindsets, it’s crucial to identify your roles within the relationship. Take time to uncover each other’s financial strengths and weaknesses, particularly in the context of saving and spending. Recognizing these differences is essential, and both partners should actively participate in financial decisions.

Crafting Shared Financial Goals

The third conversation revolves around establishing shared financial goals. While individual aspirations are important, shared financial objectives are the backbone of a successful marriage. Discuss your dreams and the vision you both hold for your life together and then create a comprehensive plan to achieve these goals.

Managing Family Finances

Family finances, often overlooked, deserve meticulous attention. From decisions about having children to providing financial support as they grow, these aspects should be discussed thoroughly. Determine your approach to child-rearing, including decisions about one parent staying home or utilizing daycare services. Additionally, address your financial strategies for supporting your child’s future, from part-time work during high school to securing college tuition without student loans.

Becoming a Pro at Financial Management

Recognizing that financial issues are a leading cause of divorce, it is imperative for couples to allocate time to establish a robust financial management plan. For success in this area, be open and honest in your discussions. If this is an area in which you and your partner could use some guidance, consider the help of a financial coach.


Financial conversations may not always be the most romantic topic, but they are undoubtedly among the most crucial. As you plan your wedding and look forward to a lifetime of togetherness, remember that understanding each other’s financial mindsets, crafting shared goals, and navigating family finances are the pillars of a solid financial foundation for your future.

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