Are you ready to strengthen the financial intimacy between you and your partner?

Book a discovery call so that we can determine which program or resource is the right fit for you and your partner. This will serve as the initial call for you and your partner to discuss your needs. 

Programs and Features

Enthusiast ​

This option is for couples who desire private coaching . Over a 3 month period, couples will learn simple, yet effective tools and resources that will improve finances, strengthen financial intimacy and put couples on a path to building generational wealth. Couples will have the option to extend the plan if more one on one time is needed. We will focus on: 


This option is for couples who just need a quick reset in their finances. Included in this package is a one-time private coaching session designed to provide couples with practical solutions to rejuvenate their level of financial intimacy. Couples will gain a clear understanding of: 


This option is for couples who prefer to learn on their own and want to take a more independent approach to deepen their level of financial intimacy. Become a member of this private community and get:

Other Resources

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